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Musicswapshoppe is more than just music

What does music not cover? (press on baby in pannier for more stuff) 

The site is designed for all to swap practically anything. Just use the navigation buttons on left to check it out. Its not a business!

This is your place to swap,sell or shop for: CD's, Vinyl Records, or an array of things. In fact swop, discuss or advertise anything! 

For a more detailed description on swapping items on this site click on About Us Or go to "Taysty Morsels" page for a smorgasboard of everything.

Triumph Trophy scrambler below  Click here to see more classics

Click on "Baby in bike Panniers" picture (Top right of page), then check out the forum, to see what I mean by anything!

For those wishing to advertise, promote Tours, new releases or simply ask questions, either Contact me or visit Ratscafe Forum shown on left side index

Velvet Underground (Worth a listen for all ages, Baby (B&W) is me)

Enjoy the video's. But be warned. If you have a very slow speed connection they will take a long time to open.

(Press play button and once video starts, press pause and wait for the line to fully load. Dial up and slow speed connections may not be able to view)

Music and people (who I have a picture of) that I like (baby is my son)

"Bowen Mountain Livin"

Bowen Mountain was written and sung by a friend (pictured above), I made the video. Feedback would be nice Written and Sung by Adonis Gardiner "EDSHED"

I am very new to this and hope you will be patient with me, while I develop this idea, and please feel free to contact me to provide FEEDBACK or comments!!

Musicswap Shop is the place!

Everything available worldwide !

An example.

Maybe you want a particular CD or record, and are able to offer a swap of another Single, Album or CD for it, then this is the place.

There is also a Shop/shoppe within this site. All goods shown are of course for sale, though all prices are negotiable, and of course I am also prepared to swap if you have anything I want.

I aim to make musicswap a club (CHECK OUT FORUM) and produce a free newsletter on a monthly basis to all members of musicswap shoppe.

Like motorbikes? Then press button for ratscafe Forum musicswap misc & bike related stuff !

musicswap is NOT just music

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